Arts CF is full of fun people! We’re interesting and the most diverse group on campus – we come from many different majors: from scienc-y/math-y Psychology/Econs, to arty-fartsy Literature!

Contact Group (CGs)

Selah (Monday 7-9:30pm)

Mambo (Wednesday 7-9:30pm)

Arthurs (Thursday 7-9:30pm)

Arts CF’ers have weekly Contact Group meetings on either Monday, Wednesday or Thursday; usually from 6pm (for dinner) till about 930pm. We worship, pray and study the bible together during our meets.

We also have PLUMB groups (Pray, love, understand my buddy), consisting of roughly 4 to 5 people. These smaller groups are set up by our lovely Contact Group Leaders and the groups meet regularly, to befriend each other and provide more accountability in our faiths.

Contact Us

Telegram: Josephine (@jolzn) or Antonia (@antonialyx)