CDECF (Design & Engineering)

Character & Faith, Triumph in Adversity

…MINDEF(I mean) CDECF exists as a community of like-minded and loving believers who are passionate about pursuing Christ, fellowship and everything innovative. We share a common love for the Word and the corporate aspect of edification through small group meetings, prayers and collective worship.

This Academic Year (AY2023/24), we seek to lean upon God’s provision by Faith, and endeavour to mould CDECFers into young men and women who possess holy distinctive qualities that separates us from mere civility; this is Character.

Contact Group (CGs)

Every Wed (odd weeks) and Thurs (even weeks), 7-930pm

Join us this year as we explore the book of John through the series “The 7 ‘I Am’ Sayings” and learn more about what God has in store for us.

Other activities

Weekly ‘Recharge’ Meetings

In addition to our combined sessions, you will be specially allocated to smaller groups of 4-6 people to pursue fellowship and have casual conversations! If you are unable to join our CG sessions, recharge will be the next best place to connect with others.

Recess and Reading Week Hangouts

In CDECF, we see the importance of building genuine relationships with one another, not just during formal meeting hours. We hope to cultivate a space for joy and laughter during term breaks such as Recess Week by holding mini games and activities.

Bonding Activities

We also have fun bonding activities like game nights, sport days, trips to JB and much more! We look forward to having you with us! Fellowship is an important part of CDECF and through these activities, we hope to foster a close-knit and welcoming community.

Ad-Hoc Events

Join us for our ad-hoc events! Welcome tea, CNY hotpot, e-sports tournaments, worship night, beach day, outreach events (e.g. exam blessings), graduation celebrations and much more. If you have anything you are passionate about, we’d love to hear from you too!

Lastly, CDECF would like to remind you that no matter how low you may feel on certain days, or how shy and introverted you may be; the doors of CDECF will always be open for you; we love & welcome you just as Jesus does. 😀

Contact Us
Telegram: Adler (@adlerchua) or Erin (@xinxin3000)