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VCF consists of ministries from both the faculties and hostel, as well as our affiliate ministries (Post-Graduate CF, Chinese VCF, Indonesian Students’ CF). As a CFer, you can choose where your “home” ministry will be – for instance, you could join your faculty ministry, or if you’re staying on campus, you may want to join your hostel ministry instead. 

Every ministry follows the common VCF curriculum, which consists of weekly CF sessions which comprise Bible Studies, Fellowship, or Outreach activities.

Once every month, the EXCO organises Fellowship Teachings, where the entire VCF body will attend to learn about a topic relevant to our season as Christian students on campus. This is also an opportunity for the body to fellowship with one another (hence the term “Fellowship Teaching”).

Beyond our home ministries, VCF also has its Standing Committees and Ad-Hoc Committees.

Standing Committees were formed when a group of students felt a need to champion or “stand” for a particular aspect of Christian living. In a sense, standing committees seek to live beyond the boundaries of the status quo and encourage the rest of us to do the same through their activities and interactions. Our Standing Committees consist of BEST (Biblical Engagement Study Team), IFG (International Friendship Group), SENT (Social Engagement Table), and TAG (Talking About Graduation). 

Ad-Hoc Committees are committees set up for a specific function. We have ad-hoc committees for our year-end camps: Annual Teach-In Camp (AnnTIC) and Studying the Word All Together (SWAT). Additionally, we also have ad-hoc committees for the Freshmen Orientation Camp (FOC), Student Life Fair (SLF), and Corporate Communications.

For AY23/24, we will be studying the Book of John. Our Bible Study sessions focus on understanding the context of the text before discussing how we can practically apply our learnings to our lives in our unique season of being Christian students on campus.

Refer to our 6 Distinctives in our About Us page to see what distinguishes us from other Christian groups!

Nope, we are inter-denominational, so we welcome CFers from all denominations. We celebrate and appreciate the diversity of different denominations and churches. Nevertheless, we do hold that our members should subscribe to the doctrinal beliefs as stated in our About Us page.

VCF is a parachurch organisation. It is not meant to replace the local church, but rather to complement it through its specific focus of providing spiritual nourishment and fellowship for university level students. Our fellowship, as part of the universal Church, exists to provide a united witness for Christ on campus. We are also committed to serving the Church by training and equipping students for service back in their local churches

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