Science CF is a warm and welcoming family that journeys with one another through the rigour of University, and is a safe place for us to share our struggles and joy! Through the love and grace of God, we strive to grow closer together as a community rooted in Christ, while exploring deeper into the word so that we may reap fruits in our hearts and form meaningful relationships with each other and with God.

As a Christian Fellowship in the Science faculty, we also aim to provide an open and conducive environment for discussions about science and Christianity, and issues surrounding the church and society. We study the word together and spur one another to be Christ-like in University and everywhere we go, so that we may be the salt and light God called us to be!

Come join Science CF, we welcome each and everyone of you with open arms!

Contact Group (CGs)
Wednesday 6-9pm on odd weeks
Tuesday 6-9pm on even weeks

During our CGs, we come together to worship God, study the bible and pray for each other! Join us earlier at 6pm to have dinner together!

Contact Us
Telegram: Rui Wen (@rui_wen) or David (@Davidwtk)
Instagram: @nussciencecf