Social Engagement Table

Established in 2013, SEnT is committed to fostering social responsibility and addressing societal issues based on the biblical basis of Christian social engagement.

SEnT hopes to be a space where VCFers can deepen their understanding of social issues and learn more about Jesus’ love for the overlooked, the vulnerable, and the ones who need the gospel most. Rather than a committee, SEnT is a platform in VCF where Christian social engagement—discussion, the throwing out of ideas, thoughts—can be imagined and conceptualised. It invites VCFers to come to the table, to engage with the groups and issues around us (those pertaining to what’s broken, unjust, and everything in between).

Recognising that the brokenness and injustice in the world weighs heavily on God’s heart, it weighs on ours as well. As God’s people, we are all called to show love and care to those who need it most – particularly the vulnerable, the unloved, and the oppressed. As such, SEnT aims to push the boundaries of social engagement to explore social issues through a Biblical perspective and act on a spiritual imperative: to love because He first loved, always and unconditionally.

Contact Us

Telegram: Bryan (@Bryin4u)