Talking About Graduation

As God ordains us to work, TAG’s focus is on building a community that actively engages post graduation: Instead of merely encouraging solo thought, TAG’s goal is to initiate conversations among VCFers on various issues we will have to face as adults. Later then continuing these conversations in CGs, on campus and beyond VCF. To be effective salt and light, you cannot avoid such topics. So start now.

TAG was previously known as Life Travel Planners. A blindspot or misconception is that you should only think about adulthood stuff in Y4.

Therefore a name change to TAG reallocates that urgency to all years Y1,Y2,Y3,Y4. Notice the first letter T – and you find an intentional choice of “talking” over “thinking” to emphasize that an active inquiry about graduation must be adopted. In essence, Christ centered conversations about post graduation should start now as Y1s, it is not just a Y4 thing to do.

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