You may be wondering: What is so unique about UTown Christian Fellowship?

UTownCF is probably the ministry on campus where you can probably find the most diverse demographic of students, with members coming from various faculties and even residential colleges.

Something that we hope our fellow UTownCF members can choose to put on their hearts this upcoming academic year is to rejoice in the presence of God wherever they may be and whenever they can.

Come join our UTownCF family, made up of loving brothers and sisters in Christ, which can keep you grounded in your faith as you are wading through the unchartered waters of your University journey! We welcome you with wide open arms and hope to see you! :”)

Contact Group (CGs)

Thursdays, 7.30 pm

During our weekly CG sessions, we will have a time of worship, bible study or topical discussions and prayers.

Contact Us

Telegram: Josiah (@jofoooooo) or Nethania (@nethaniache)